Albania, the final Emerging Property Market and Holiday Destination

After the property markets of Eastern European and Balkan neighbours such as Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Montenegro reached their high peak Albania did finally emerge and is now considered as the Last Property Hotspot of Europe.

Albania Properties / Alfa Information being the only agency in the market for over 10 years has seen the market move swiftly and very fast.

The demand from foreign investors started end of 2006 even though a large number of Italians and Greeks did spot the opportunities in very early days 7-8 years a go.

When we first started marketing Albanian property to foreign market few years a go there were no other agents or developers in the market but as time moved on within one year you can see the dramatic changes are happening and many foreign agents and investors have realised the opportunities that Albania has to offer. Since then we have been trying to assit investors on how to invest in Albania property.

Considering that Albanian property, lands and other investment opportunities are 75% cheaper compare to other European markets of Bulgaria, Croatia or Montenegro off plan property prices have reached over 2000 Euro per square meter.

Property prices in the outskirts of Tirana are from as low as 380 Euros per square meter and in the preferred locations from middle class Locals such as Fresku, Linza, Selita, Lake and Botanic Garden, off plan proeprty are from 550-700 Euros per square meter.

Average rentals achievable are 5% Yield per year where capital growth has been the main factor to be more appreciated at around 25% per year. As in every other Emerging Property market it is always a bonus to achieve a good rental return but it is mainly the capital growth where the main benefit lies.

It is also very important that in Emerging markets to appreciate the highest capital growths therefore it is best advised to get in early.

With over a decade experience we recommend Tirana as an investment opportunity due to its all year around rentals from the local market. The Albanian coast is also fantastic for rentals during the long summer season.

Also another important factor in Albania is that non resident mortgages are now available and we are pleased to say we have managed to sell an entire development with finance in Tirana.

We only take exclusive properties, lands and other investment opportunities which can be financed and thanks to our broker who assists all foreign investors with their mortgage procedure step by step.

Vlore coastal city is one of the most saugh after location from Albanians to spend the summer holiday and miles of Sandy beaches, panoramic views, stunning area with sparkling blue and deep waters surrounded by green and hilly landscapes.

Vlore has also has seen 30% increase in tourism and visitors in 2007 compare to a year before 2006.

To help with the lavarage Albanian banks also offer finance to non residents ONLY through bank guarantee complexes/developments. The application has to be made only through Local Mortgage broker whe everything is already set through our Tirana offices.

Albania Properties / Alfa Information are the leading local Albanian agency whose offices have been in operation for over 10 years in Tirana and have been assisting the local market on rentals and management. Due to our long years service during this period we are the most experienced in knowing where locals do prefer to buy, reside or rent.

For any questions or if you need advise about Albanian property market please feel free to contact us.