Land in the Don Bosko Street Tirana

Tirana, Don Bosko Street
27000 m2 surface
by vis
til salgs
0 €/m²


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Mer om denne eiendommen

This land has a masterplan for developing commercial and residential projects and can also be sold on partnership basis.We are pleased to offer for sale this very centraly located land of 27,000 sqm in the Don Bosko Street in Tirana, Albania which is only minitues walk distance to the Tirana City Centre.

This land has a masterplan for developing commercial and residential projects and can also be sold on partnership basis. The current owner is a large construction company that can also do the construction works if neccessary.

Summary of the project

Destination Total area sqm Utilizable area sqm
Apartments 105,080 99,826
Offices 18,774 15,019
Shops 22,384 21,264
Commercial Gallery 5,024 4,773
TOTAL 151,262 140,883

Description of the plot and plans

    1st Calculation
    m2-Euros/m2 Euros %
  Plot area: 27,000    
  Plot price: 650.00 17,550,000.00  
  Transmission tax: 0.00 0.00  
  Agency fee 0.01 175,500.00  
  HMS's fee: 0.000 0.00  
  Total plot cost:   17,725,500.00  
  BRP (Gross): 96,000.00    
  Apartments 68,850.00    
  Commercial/offices 12,150.00    
  Underground 15000    
  BRP (Net)      
  Apartments 68,850.00   71.72%
  Commercial/offices 12,150.00   12.66%
  Underground 15,000.00   15.63%
  Apartments' Construction cost 250.00 17,212,500.00  
  Offices' construction cost 230.00 2,794,500.00  
  Underground construction cost 200.00 3,000,000.00  
  Retaining walls   0.00 0.00%
  Ground level ext eri or works   690,210.00 3.00%
  Urbanization cost   1,150,350.00 5.00%
  Construction sub-total:   24,847,560.00  
  Project cost 6 576,000.00  
  Licenses cost + Connection to main services 35 3,360,000.00  
  Insurance policy   496,951.20 0.02
  Total construction + license cost   29,280,511.20  
Marketing fee:        
  Marketing cost: 0.002 148,545.00  
  Total Cost:   47,154,556.20  
  Apartments selling price per sqm 750.00 51,637,500.00  
  Offices selling price per sqm 1,400.00 17,010,000.00  
  Underground space selling price per sqm 375.00 5,625,000.00  
  Total incoming (gross)   74,272,500.00  
  Profit before taxes:   27,117,943.80 57.51%

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